Summer Reading: Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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With summer vacation already here many families are planning trips or have already been on a few trips.  As we all know, traveling with little ones can be a challenge at times. Not only
do we as parents worry about the trip itself (entertaining the kids on the way and hoping that everything goes smoothly) but we also worry about if our children will have fun and how to help them make the most of any trip.

We recently had the opportunity to review the new book Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers.  This book is recommended for ages 3-7 and is absolutely adorable.  The boys quickly fell in love with the little Fuzzwippers.  We had to search them out on every page.  

Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers follows Alexandra and her fuzzwipper friend Fuzzany, as they travel to Hawaii, where together they take in the new sights, try out new words like Aloha and Mahalo, enjoy local foods, and even attempt to surf!  Fuzzwippers Make Great travelers ends with their signature saying: "youre loved no matter where you go".  This really helps to provide kids with the security they need to leave home and embrace the unfamiliar.

To help children along with their travels, author Marilynn Halas offers a list of traveler tips, located at the end of the book. They are:

1. Being a great traveler means being a good listener and a good helper too.  Listen to your friends and family so you will learn all about the new place you are visiting and remember that when we all help each other any trip is easier and more fun.

2. Different places may have different food, games and sights to see, so take your time and discover each new place and make new friends.  Remember that every place has something special to share with you if you are willing to smile, try and trust.

3. Try something new and you just might find that you have a great experience and a great story to tell when you get back home.  It might be a kind of fish or maybe learning how to surf, but don’t miss out.  Try and see what you learn about your new place and also see what you will learn about yourself.

4. Remember that you are a guest in someone else’s home whenever you travel.  Be the kind of visitor you would want to have in your home.  Smile and say Thank you every chance you get.  Gratitude is always the best attitude.

I love how this book encourages children to step outside their comfort zone to try new things. For example, in the book Alexandra decided to try surfing along with other activities and foods. 

Fuzzwippers Make Great Travelers is available at Amazon with a SRP of $4.99.

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About the Author:
Marilynn Halas is a children's book author, life coach and founder of 4 Sunflowers Media, a multimedia company whose mission is to empower children and parents through storytelling. Raised both in New Jersey and Northern Ireland, Marilynn uses her experience to infuse a deep understanding of the human condition into fantastic characters and situations that surprise, delight and reassure her readers. 
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