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Saturday, January 01, 2011

With having a three year old and a 4 week old I admit that I am always looking for ways that makes going out just a tad bit easier. Be it finding the perfect carrier or the perfect stroller. I personally have been looking for what I would consider the "perfect" stroller for some time now and will sadly admit that we have been through tons of them and I have yet to find one that I was 100% happy with. In the past they have either been too bulky, not comfortable, too heavy...well you get the picture.

Thanks to Mom Central and Inglesina I have had the opportunity to try out the Inglesina Avio stroller. First off I am going to say that I LOVE this stroller!

When it first arrived I pulled everything out of the box. There were several pieces as you can see in the picture below:

I thought this was going to be an all day challenge, especially with my three year old insisting that he helps as well. To my surprise even though there looked to be tons of parts that needed to be assembled, it was actually really easy. I was extremely proud of myself that I was able to put this stroller together by just looking at the pictures.

Here is a video to show you more about the Inglesina Avio:

Why you should consider the Inglesina Avio:
  • The assembly to this was very easy considering I did this without my husband home and with the help of my three year old.  The only part that I found confusing was the storage bin, but after fighting with it for a couple of minutes I realized that I was trying to attach it incorrectly.  By looking at the picture it was hard to tell which way it should be attached.
  • The stroller is very well made and I am going to add pretty light as well!  I love how easy it is to take the seat off should it need to have a complete cleaning done on it.  As we know with little ones, it is amazing at times just how easy they can dirty up something like a stroller or carseat. 
  • Folds up: This stroller folds up with one hand and it folds up to a great size!  This is going to be perfect when our family travels as it takes up very little room.  Also once the stroller is folded, unlike other strollers we have had in the past, it can easily be pulled behind you which makes storing it a breeze!
  • Not only it is great for bigger kids, but this seat will also hold an infant carrier.  There is a huge accessory list, but here are just a few: You can purchase an attachment that will allow it to be compatible with the Brittax, Maxi Cosi, and Graco infant carriers, but you can also purchase the Inglesina Carry Cot attachment as well as the Inglesina Huggy Multifix infant seat.
  • I love the fact that this stroller fits into small spaces and that I can easily fold it down with one hand. It is so easy to store this in a coat closet at home as well as placing it in the car for travel.  It's great to have such an awesome stroller that doesn't take up the entire back of the car!  This stroller also drives like a dream! Not only can you fold it with one hand, but you can also drive it with one hand.  It is so easy to turn with one hand and it offers a smooth ride for the little ones.
  • Last but not least...the color choices!  The Inglesina Avio comes in six vibrant color choices and it was super hard to decide on which color I wanted to go with.  They were all beautiful colors!
    I was going to list the cons of this stroller as well, but in all honesty I can't find any cons to list.  This stroller is just absolutely magnificent and fits our needs when it comes to a stroller.  I can't see a think that I would change about it.  From the oversized hood and rain cover all the way down to storage's just what we were looking for!

    Avio strollers are available at! Make sure to use promo code AVIOFAST at checkout to get a free fast table chair!

    I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Inglesina and received an Avio stroller to facilitate this review.

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    2 comments/Leave Comment:

    1. lilwegz said...

      we have the inglesina swift and LOVE it! My son is out of his carrier or we would have gone with the avio.

    2. Infant Carriers 4 Life said...

      While I do love the ease of stroller (and the Inglesina looks great), I love using infant carriers when kids are younger. I used them with all of my kids and I feel like they help deepen the bond between a mother and child (or dad and child). I prefer side and front carriers. But thanks for the stroller review! I'll definitely have to check it out!