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Free Educational Docs For Parents On Docurama Digital Channel

Free Educational Docs For Parents On Docurama Digital Channel

I love watching Documentaries to learn about different things and with being a homeschooling parent, I find that documentaries can even make a useful learning tool for the kids as well.

A digital channel available on your iPad, iPhone, XBox, Roku and more, Docurama streams over over 600 acclaimed documentaries at absolutely no cost.

While some of the films within the vast catalogue of those available for free on the Docurama digital channel aren't appropriate for young viewers, I wanted to highlight some of those that are so that you can direct readers to these entertaining and enlightening films that parents can enjoy with their kids!

From a fun pre-school appropriate learning film called Alphabet Soup, to a look at how kids can protect the planet called Eyes of the Future, to a vast array of eye-opening docs about the world around us for junior and high school aged children, the Docurama digital channel is a great go-to for penny-pinching parents looking for valuable educational entertainment for their kids. 

Here is a short list of kid-friendly documentaries that are offered on Docurama:


Alphabet Soup features renowed artist William Wegman who brings his dogs (Fay Ray and offspring Batty, Chundo and Crooky) together to teach children the alphabet.


Eye of the Future follows a group of 9 year olds from different countries across the globe as they come together to discuss reducing carbon footprints and  envision a positive sustainable future.

My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story  explores the unique relationship between people and their beloved pets through candid interviews with notable dog lovers. 


Happy explores what it means to be happy.  Taking us from the bayous of Louisiana to the deserts of Namibia, from the beaches of Brazil to the villages of Okinawa, HAPPY explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion.

Hungry for Change explores the food industry and shines a spotlight on the connection between food and health. 

Imagine it! is designed to provide a forum for discussion around the power of big ideas in action and to inspire people to imagine a better world by connecting imagination and creativity with science and engineering in education.

Monica and David explores the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome and the family who strives to support their needs.

Somewhere Between follows the lives of four teenaged girls adopted from China and now living in the United States. In profiling Chinese adoptees in contemporary America, Linda Goldstein Knowlton has created a deeply moving documentary illustrating that even the most specific of experiences can be universally relatable. 

Touch of Sound follows Evelyn Glennie, a Grammy-winning classical percussionist who is profoundly deaf. For Evelyn, sound is palpable and rhythm is the basis of everything. Without vibration, there is nothing. From silence to music, sound is felt through every sense in our bodies. 

I definitely encourage you to check it out when you get a chance!!
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protectme® Pepper Spray

protectme® Pepper Spray

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When my oldest daughter was in college, I worried about her all the time being out after-hours.  Even though she has graduated nursing school, she is still out late with her job and sometimes goes to the campus to visit her boyfriend.

The FBI reports that more than one million violent crimes, including murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault and robbery, occur annually in the united states.  These statistics demonstrate the need for individuals to carry handy but effective self-defense tools such as the protectme pepper spray
.  My daughter has a carry permit but as most of us are well aware, that isn't always possible depending on where you are.

Protectme is resqme's own pepper spray that is in lline with its mission and effort to provide tools designed to ensure public safety and prearedness.  This pepper spray is lightweight which is handy even for myself when I take the boys on a walk.  It can easily fit on a keychain and contains UV marking.  Protectme Pepper Spray, sprays more than 10 feet.  Although small, it functions efficiently as any pepper spray-an aerosol spray containing oils derived from cayenne pepper that irritates the eyes and respiratory passages-getting into the eyes and face of an attacker and effectively causing intense pain and a burning sensation.  The facial skin, eyes, and mucous membranes inside the mouth burn, itch and swell-fully immobilizing an attacker.  It is within these first few seconds an intended victim has a window to escape to safety!

You can see how small it is hanging from her purse

protectme Pepper Spray is made by leading life-saving tools manufacturer, resqme, Inc.  Be sure to visit their website to learn more about this product as well as their seat belt cutter and window breaker!!

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LeapFrog LeapBand #WIN

LeapFrog LeapBand #WIN

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Recently one of my favorite companies (LeapFrog) came out with a cool new product designed to encourage kids to get up and move and still have fun!  Both my seven year old and three year old have had fun with the LeapFrog LeapBand .  They love taking care of their pets, feeding them and earning jewels.  The jewels are like points, so when they get enough jewels they can unlock another pet!  My seven year old loves doing the physical challenges as well!  They have they popping like popcorn, hopping like a kangaroo, walking like a turtle, etc.  

Similar to other LeapFrog products you can choose to set it up via the computer when you first receive it so that you are able to track their progress.  The opted to wait for awhile to do this since the boys were excited to give it a try, but all in all it's a simple process and doesn't take long at all.

The band has a high-resolution color screen, is water-resistant and is rechargeable which makes for a very happy mom!  My boys can go through batteries like crazy so when products are rechargeable, that's a plus in my book! Not only does it keep kids active, but they also wear it as a regular watch as well!  My seven year old loves the stop watch as well.  He loves for us to time us to see how fast he can run around the house, bike down the driveway, etc.

Basically the more active kids are with their LeapBand, the more fun they'll have with games and rewards.  As they earn points, they can unlock up to 8 pets, play up to level 10 with each pet before unlocking a new one.  With each level of play, they get rewards like a variety of toys for their pet.  It also helps keep them engaged and learning with mini-games like Pet Boogie and Pet Chef.

In Pet Boogie, they can create and practice a pet dance and with Pet Chef, they help the pet collect food and make healthy snacks!  They can play in their pets world and visit Pet Parlor to pamper pets with glitter soap bath or collect new pet toy rewards in Pet Play!!

LeapFrog LeapBand comes in three colors (pink, blue and green) and is available at most retailers like Toys 'r' us and Target for $39.99.

One (1) As They Grow Up Reader will win a LeapFrog LeapBand!

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Edition Giveaway

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Edition Giveaway

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For the month of October, the popular buffet restaurants Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet are celebrating two big anniversaries with the second anniversary of the restaurants’ popular Thursday Family Night and the 30th anniversary of the popular and enduring Ghostbusters franchise.

In honor of the films’ milestones, Ghostbusters I and II are being released on Blu-ray™ as special anniversary editions that will also feature a $3-off dinner coupon good at any of the 324 family-style restaurants. All the restaurants are also featuring Ghostbusters-themed activities every Family Night in October.

On October 2, Ryan's, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet will be celebrating Family Night with a free in-store activity that features the popular and lovable Slimer.  Kids can take home their very own "Slimer Feeder," where they can launch paper food into Slimer's mouth.  

To help celebrate the 30th Anniversary, I'm excited to bring a giveaway to one of my readers!

(1) As They Grow Up Reader will win Ghostbusters on DVD!!

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Discovery Family Channel to Premiere the 3rd Season of Transformer's Rescue Bots!

Discovery Family Channel to Premiere the 3rd Season of Transformer's Rescue Bots!

Returning for an action-packed third season of new adventures is “Transformers Rescue Bots,” the animated series created for younger TRANSFORMERS fans, on Saturday, November 1, with two back-to-back episodes at 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. ET/10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. PT, on Discovery Family Channel. The series is produced by Hasbro Studios. 

The season three premiere of “Transformers Rescue Bots” returns with the episode “Land Before Prime,” where Optimus Prime is forced to embrace his primal side when the Rescue Bots discover a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs. The second episode, “Big Game” features a notorious Big Game Hunter who has set his sights on Optimus Prime and his newly acquired transformation. The season will also showcase how our protective heroes have to be ready for anything, from scientific tech gone awry to unsolved mysteries on their island home. Some adventures are so big that they even take a Dino-Bot (or two) to save the day. The half-hour series brings family, heart, humor and adventure to the TRANSFORMERS brand.

Created specifically for the younger generation of TRANSFORMERS fans, “Transformers Rescue Bots” features a group of Autobots charged with a mission to protect and learn about humans. Stationed by Optimus Prime on a technologically advanced island, the Rescue Bots — Heatwave, Boulder, Blades and Chase — team with the Burns family of first responders, including a police chief, firefighter, rescue pilot and engineer to keep peace and safety in the city. Alongside their human friends, the Rescue Bots learn teamwork and heroism.

Be sure to check it out!!
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Sambulance, S.E.A.S and Sahara Sams!

Sambulance, S.E.A.S and Sahara Sams!

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I've recently had the opportunity to learn more about The Sambulance Safety Squad.  Sambulance offers educational services to schools and community groups with a focus on special needs.  Located in Berlin, NJ they serve Camden and Burlington counties.  You will see them at safety events and schools in the area.

They offer 3 types of programming:

  • Community First Responders
  • The 411 on 911
  • Basic First Aid

 You can also find the Sambulance at these upcoming events:

November 2- Walk Now Citizen’s Bank park
November 6-7- NJEA Convention

You can read more about these programs here. 

They also have a big event coming up at Sahara Sams on November 14th!  This event is specifically designed for children with special needs. 

Here are some pictures from past S.E.A.S events:

As you can see Sambulance and S.E.A.S has a heart for the children of our community.  Please visit Sambulance.org for additional information on the programs offered and the upcoming S.E.A.S events. 
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BioChem 100% Whey Protein powder

BioChem 100% Whey Protein powder

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I use protein powders every day after my workout.  Not only do I want it to taste great, but to be as healthy as possible.  Recently I had the opportunity to try out BioChem Whey Protein Powder and loved it!  It tastes great and delivers 20 grams of protein per serving!

BioChem is known for it's great taste, which the company worked hard to maintain in its product reformulation so that its great for the entire family.  The reformulated BioChem 100% Whey Protein offers 20 grams of protein per serving all from grass-fed cows, which are free of artificial hormones including rBST and rBGH, and ensures non-GMO status.  BioChrm 100% Whey Protein is certified gluten-free, yeast and wheat free and ninety-nine perfect lactose-free.

It's available in three flavors:
I tend to grab chocolate the most, but they are all fantastic!  Here is a delicious pumpkin smoothie recipe using the Natural Whey.

Whey Better Pumpkin Pie Natural Autumn Smoothie

2 scoops BioChem 100% Whey Protein, Natural
6 oz Almond milk (or a low-calorie lactose-free option)
½ teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
½ cup Canned Pumpkin
1 tablespoon Light Agave Nectar
7 oz Fat-Free Plain Greek Yogurt

5 ice cubes

Just toss it all in the blender for a few seconds and it's ready to go!!  You could also switch out the natural for vanilla if you prefer!

If you are looking to switch up your protein or looking for a family-friendly product that doesn't have added ingredients in it for the kids, then this product is worth checking out!  I use it to make protein snacks for my boys because it doesn't have some of the stuff that is found in protein powders today!

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Veggie Lasagna Recipe

Veggie Lasagna Recipe

I discovered this dish not too long ago and it quickly became a favorite of mine. I add more spaghetti squash and butternut than the recipe calls for and play it by ear with the spinach and sauce. I also add more cheese but that's a personal preference as well.

Serves 12-15

1 box of oven-ready Lasagna noodles
Bechamel sauce (recipe below)
1 cup roasted spaghetti squash, shredded (seasoned with salt and olive oil)
2 cups of roasted butternut squash (seasoned with salt, crushed red pepper and olive oil)
1 10-ounce bag of tender baby spinach
1 shallot, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 cups of a mixture of your favorite cheeses (choose from Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Jarlsberg, Gouda or Gruyere) grated
Butter for dotting top with

Bechamel Sauce:
1/2 stick (4 tablespoons) butter
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups warm whole milk (you can also use heavy cream or half and half)
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
white pepper to taste

For bechamel sauce: Cook milk in a small, heavy saucepan over medium-high heat to 180 degrees or until tiny bubbles form around edge (do not boil) Remove from heat; keep warm. Melt butter in a heavy saucepan over medium heat until foaming. Reduce heat to low, add flour, and whisk until smooth and raw taste is cooked off, about 1 minute. Gradually whisk in the warm milk, whisking constantly to avoid any lumps. If the sauce seems too thick add a little more milk to the mixture. Cook for about 10 minutes (whisking the entire time). Stir in the nutmeg and salt. Season with ground white pepper. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees f.

Peel and cut butternut squash into bite-sized cubes. Cut spaghetti squash in half (we are only going to use 1/2 of the squash), remove seeds from middle. Season both squash with olive oil, salt and a little bit of crushed red pepper. Roast both squash on a foil lined baking sheet for about 30 minutes, stirring the cubed squash about every 10 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. Shred the spaghetti squash.

In a large 12″ skillet heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. Add the minced shallot and garlic. Saute until soft, about 2-3 minutes, add in the coarsely chopped spinach. Stirring well, reduce heat to medium. Season with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper. It should take about 10 minutes to wilt the spinach. Once wilted remove from heat and set aside.

Spray the bottom of a 9×13-inch baking pan with cooking spray. Arrange 3 noodles on bottom. Place the spaghetti squash as one layer, then the butternut squash. Add a layer of bechamel sauce and a layer of the shredded cheese. For the second layer place another row of noodles, top with spinach, then bechemal sauce and top with cheese. Third layer add another row of noodles, bechamel sauce, cheese and dot with butter.

This can be made several days in advance and can be frozen for 1 month.

When ready to bake (if coming from freezer, make sure it is defrosted) pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees f. Bake, covered, for about 25 minutes, remove foil and bake an additional 15 minutes or until bubbly around edges. Allow to rest for about 15 minutes before serving.

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A Curious Harvest: The Practical Art of Cooking Everything

A Curious Harvest: The Practical Art of Cooking Everything

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Long before supermarkets taught us what we should buy to eat, we simply looked around and ate what looked good.  We were hunters and foragers, we found sustenance in roots and vegetables that are all but forgotten today-modern society, with super-markets and fast food restaurants, has all but alienated people from what they put into their bodies.  But it doesn't have to be that way at all.

Our family plants a garden.  Not only is it fun for the kids to plant and watch it grow, but it also enables us to plant different foods and veggies that aren't always readily available in our local market.  I admit that some veggies we plant I have never tasted or cooked, so with that I am always looking for the best way to prepare them.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out the book,A Curious Harvest: The Practical Art of Cooking Everything and it's pretty awesome!  It lists different goods and tells how to store them, how long they can store and even ideas on how to prepare them that may be different than what you are used to.

The chapters in this book are:

  • Vegetables: Did you know that artichoke will keep refrigerated for three weeks and that green beans work particularly well with seeds and nuts?
  • Carbohydrates: learn what's best to add to sour dough, how to cook bulgur wheat, etc.
  • Protein: learn how long bacon really lasts in the refrigerator and how long frozen fish can be kept in the freezer
  • Fruits: with steps for drying fruit as well as substituting them for sugars as a sweetener.
  • Flavorers: Ginger can be stored unrefrigeratedor more than a month and can be easily candied while tumeric can be stir-fried, baked, roasted or boiled.
All in all this is a fantastic book if you love trying new types of foods that you may not be familiar with or looking for fresh ideas in how to use your favorites. 

A Curious Harvest: The Practical Art of Cooking Everything is currently available for $18.03.

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Terrifically Terrifying Toys for Halloween

Terrifically Terrifying Toys for Halloween

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Make it extra spook-tacular with toys that bring the Halloween spirit to life. An instant classic, the “Room on the Broom” book and soft, movable toys are suitable for all ages, with a DVD version of the popular story also available. For the tween, teen or zombie-obsessed in your life, yarn zombies
are the perfect accessory. Designed to ward off ‘bad stuff’, each Yarn Zombies will help keep the bad mojo away this Halloween.

The #1 selling Halloween children’s book in the United States, “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson, has expanded to include a collection of playful toys, an animated TV movie, a new DVD and more. Donaldson, Children’s Laureate of the United Kingdom and author of the wildly popular Gruffalo book series, has sold more than 20 million books globally. Further, Donaldson’s Gruffalo book series was voted #1 in a United Kingdom survey of favorite children’s books in 2010. She is also winner of the Smarties Prize and the Blue Peter Award for the Best Book to Read Aloud.

A huge hit with kids ages 4 to 8, “Room on the Broom” launched in 2001 and was an instant classic; it is a tale of imagination, flight, friendship and true adventure, featuring a kind witch who invites a surprising collection of animals to join her on her broom. “Room on the Broom” topped the children’s picture book charts for six successive weeks starting in September 2012 and is available at all major retailers.

In addition to the release of the “Room on the Broom” Book and DVD, Kids Preferred now offers soft and movable Witch, Dragon, and Cat toys perfect for kids of all ages. The surface-washable toys help kids bring the classic story to life with their own twists and imagination. The lovable witch is 15 inches, while the dragon is 8 inches and cat is 7.5 inches

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The Good Witch Collection DVD

The Good Witch Collection DVD

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If you are a Good Witch fan like I am, then you are going to love The Good Witch Collection  now available on DVD.

The Good Witch Collection  includes the following:

  • The Good Witch's Garden: Cassie has settled into Middleton and is busy making a home of Grey House.  Her boyfriend, Sheriff Jake Russell, and his kids are happy to have Cassie in the neighborhood, but she has yet to gain the trust of people in the town.
  • The Good Witch's Gift: Cassandra Nightingale always has a few tricks up her sleeve, but is surprised when her handsome sweetheart, Police Chief Jake Russell, proposes.
  • The Good Witch's Family: Life is going well for Cassie as a wife and stepmom, but evil soon blows into town in the form of Cassie's long-lost cousin Abigail who whips up wickedness like a tornado.
  • The Good Witch's Charm: Good Witch Cassie Nightingale is back to her bewitching ways, but this time she's also juggling a newborn daughter and her job as a town mayor.
I love that all these awesome movies are combined into one, especially since it seems like the boys favorite DVD's seem to take up the entire shelf so my space is limited. Also, my mom loves this series on Hallmark but hasn't purchased any of the DVDs, so I can see this as a perfect gift for her this upcoming holiday season!

You can purchase The Good Witch Collection  on Amazon for $31.49.

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Jif To Go Dippers #GetGoing

Jif To Go Dippers #GetGoing

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

I'm not sure what it is about my kids.  They can eat an awesome meal just minutes before getting into the vehicle to run an errand, but for some reason as soon as they get all buckled they start yelling they are starving.  With knowing what is coming regardless of when they last had a meal, I always make sure to keep snacks in my purse.

I'm not sure if you have heard about it yet, but for on the go, Jif now delivers much more than delicious peanut butter to keep the family going!  We just had the opportunity to try out the new Jif To Go Dippers, which is an all-in-one portable snack and it's absolutely amazing!!

I always keep at least two of these thrown in my bag at any given moment. The Jif To Go Dippers have peanut butter or chocolate in the lip and the bigger section is filled with pretzels!  Who doesn't love peanut butter and pretzels?  Putting the two together just makes for an awesome snack!

I really wanted to get an actual picture of these before I did the post, but the boys ate the last one yesterday before I could snap a picture and I haven't been back to the store yet to restock.

My seven year old keeps it pretty simple and love the peanut butter, but my three year old prefers the chocolate.  In  my opinion they are both pretty tasty and like most of us moms, I always snag at least one from each kid while they are snacking!

The Jif To Go Dippers come in two varieties:

  • Jif To Go Dippers Creamy Peanut Butter with Pretzels
  • Jif To Go Dippers Chocolate Silk Pretzels
These containers are 1.13 oz and contain about 10-12 pretzels each.  They have a suggested retail price of $1.39 for individual cups or $3.79 for a 3-pack.  They are currently available at grocery stores nationwide!

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NCircle Entertainment Giveaway!  Octonauts, Cat in the Hat, Wiggles, Sid and More! #WIN

NCircle Entertainment Giveaway! Octonauts, Cat in the Hat, Wiggles, Sid and More! #WIN

As They Grow Up was provided a sample to help facilitate this post. The post may contain affiliate links.

I have an awesome Fall Giveaway just for AsTheyGrowUp.com readers!  A whole collection of DVDs from NCircle Entertainment!  This giveaway features some of the best kids television -perfect for Preschool on up. 

About the DVDs:

The Wiggles: Apples & Bananas Join the Wiggles as they add their special Wiggles magic to favorite nursery rhymes and songs.

Octonauts: Deep Sea Mission On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they explore the hidden depths of the Midnight Zone!

Featuring the following episodes:
  • Midnight Zone
  • Vampire Squid
  • Scary Spookfish
  • Blowfish Brothers
  • Gulper Eels
  • Long Armed Squid

Cat in the Hat: Show & Tell Sure is Swell!Summer is over, and fall is now here. Let’s go back to school; the best time of year! Our favorite part about going to class? Why show and tell, how great you should ask. But what should we show, oh what can it be? Tune in with the Cat to find out and see!

Animal Atlas: Animal ABC’s Introduce preschoolers to the alphabet using the amazing animal kingdom!

Sid the Science Kid: The Ruler of ThumbSid learns all about the science of tools like rulers and magnifying glasses and how they help us. In fact, Sid even finds out how to measure a giant blue whale!

Our Thoughts:
We had a blast watching through the DVDs we were sent.  My almost 4 year old really is the perfect age for Sid the Science Kid and The Cat in the Hat - so those become new favorites!  We already were big fans of The Wiggle and The Octonauts!  The Animal Atlas show was new to us and something my little guy just loved.  He is all into the Alphabet so this was a hit for him! I've noticed that after watching he has been trying to read real words!

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